2016-04-28 the opening ceremony of "Xinjiang Fossil Resources Processing and New Energy Technology Engineering Center” and Xinjiang branch of our office was held.

On April 28, the ceremony of Xiamen University, Changji College and Zhongtai Chemistry’s "processing of fossil resource in Xinjiang and new energy technology engineering center" and National Engineering Laboratory of Alcohols-Ethers-Esters (Xinjiang Branch) " was held ceremoniously in Zhongtai Chemistry conference room. Xiamen University Party Committee Standing Committee, Vice president Ye Shiman, deputy secretary of the Changji Party committee, Fujian Province counterpart aid to Xinjiang Head Commander Xie Yitai, Changji State Party Committee Standing Committee Wang Bingju, Changji College Secretary of the Party committee Ye Meijin, Vice president Deng Zhaohui, Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Wang Hong Xin, Fukang Municipal Committee Zhu Shengchun, Changji State Development and Reform Commission Party Secretary, Vice Director Zhu Huailin, Dean of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College, Xiamen University, Jiang Yunbao, our office Director Yuan Youzhu, Deputy Director Chen Binghui, and other leaders and experts attended the opening ceremony.

On the ceremony, Chairman Wang Hongxin wished to take the advantages of all sides, strengthen cooperation, improve the core competitiveness of the Zhongtai Chemistry. Standing Committee Wang Bingju sent a warm congratulation to the three sides’ signed co-operation, he wished to improve the transformation of new energy through cooperation, to make a model and an example for Changji new type of industrialization. Vice president Ye Shiman said, Xiamen University would take this cooperation as an opportunity, to promote three sides in the development of coal chemical industry and optimization of coal chemical industry in Xinjiang layout, to enhance the level of technology, to achieve industrial upgrading and the development model, so that the engineering center and Xinjiang construction segment of National Engineering Laboratory of Alcohols-Ethers-Esters can be made into Fujian intellectual aid to Xinjiang, Science and Technology aid Xinjiang, talent training base.

The establishment of Engineering Center and Xinjiang branch of National Engineering Laboratory of Alcohols-Ethers-Esters was the results of Xiamen University, Zhongtai chemistry and Changji College’s joint efforts for a long time. The tripartite cooperation would take advantage of scientific research personnel, industry development and policy of the platform, and take this as the incubation platform, comprehensive docking of local economy, especially for the new industrialization development needs. The cooperation can be imposed from all aspects of personnel training, skills training and technical tackle. The engineering center’s commitment to the original technology in the development of modern coal chemistry, the key common technology and technical bottlenecks, played an important role in optimizing the layout of Xinjiang coal chemical industry, improving the technology level. And it had important practical significance and strategic significance of industrial upgrading and transformation of development mode, played an important role in realizing the strategic concept of "The Belt and Road". And the establishment of a branch outside the school is the creation of all national scientific research platform at the Xiamen University. It was also an important innovation of research management system of the College of Chemistry and Chemical engineering. The establishment of National Engineering Laboratory of Alcohols-Ethers-Esters Xinjiang branch will be conducive to promoting engineering center of the work, convenient technology joint research and development and personnel training, which will make full use of resources, and strengthen their mutual cooperation and complementary advantages.

Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen University, relevant departments’ responsible persons of Changji College attended the opening ceremony.


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