2016-04-28 four professors of our office were granted by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region as “Tianshan scholars

On the afternoon of April 28th, Professor Chen Binghui, Professor Wang Ye, Professor Li Jun, and Professor Jiang Qingyin, who were from our office were granted by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and the ceremony was held at Changji College. Vice president of Xiamen University, Ye Shiman and Dean of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Jiang yunbao, president of the Changji College, Yang Haiping, Vice president Deng Zhaohui, etc. These leaders attended the ceremony.

Before the ceremony, Ye Meijin, Secretary of the Changji College met with Vice President Ye Shiman along with his delegation. Vice President Ye Shiman proposed that the talent is the basis of all the work, Xiamen University College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering had a variety of talents, the selected Tianshan scholars’ scientific research team was strong and can be as a basis and a breakthrough, in order to play their own advantages, to give advice and suggestions for the industrial upgrading in Xinjiang area, so as to serve the country "The Belt and Road" strategy better. He also hoped that the two sides would work together to support, so that the Tianshan scholars team can play a better role.

On the ceremony, Yang Haiping president said in his speech, the participation of Tianshan scholars’ team, which was made up by Professor Chen Binghui, Professor Wang, Professor Li and Professor Jiang QingYin, was an important opportunity to seize the transformation of the area, to serve the local economic construction better, and it will greatly strengthen Changji College in the direction of technological development in clean coal based energy chemical industry and personnel training level. First of all Jiang Yunbao Dean thank autonomous region and Changji College for the acknowledgement and appreciation of four Tianshan scholars, reflecting the degree of social recognition of professor of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, he also hope that the four professors devote to the Tianshan scholars in the construction of the team, grabbing right and working hard, in order to make due contributions to the science and sustainable development of Xinjiang Autonomous Region in coal-fired power and coal chemical industry.

On the morning of April 29th, the new recruits Tianshan scholar Professor Wang Ye and Professor Li Jun held two academic lectures for the teachers and students of Changji University Chemistry and Applied Chemistry Department, lectures were hosted by Professor Zhao Xiufeng, director of the Department of chemistry, Changji University. Professor Wang Ye told the story of the development of today's energy catalytic chemistry around the theme of the catalytic base in efficient carbon resources, and transforming, in layman's language. Professor Li Jun’s lecture topic was supercritical fluid technology, combined with his own experience, he introduced the development prospects of chemical industry, so as to encourage students to have achievements in the field of chemical industry. Lecture atmosphere was warm, and full of frequent interaction.

It was reported that the "Tianshan scholars” program was started by autonomous region Party Committee Organization Department personnel work leading group as the implementation of high-level personnel distinguished plan, which was belonged to the undergraduate colleges and universities. Changji College relied on the Department of Chemistry, to hire Professor Chen Binghui as distinguished Professor, Professor Wang as Professor, Professor Li and Qing Yin Jiang as leading professors, to form the clean coal based energy and Chemistry Tianshan scholars’ team. The contract signed by the Tianshan scholars’ team had not only demonstrated the recognition of the strength of our research in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, but also shows the team’s important role for the national construction.


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